Chairman’s Welcome

Since its inception in 1992, the DJK Group of companies has held an outstanding track record in shipping, leisure and entertainment industries. Along with our diversification into construction and development, the DJK Group of Companies stands as one of the largest and most successful, privately owned multi-faceted corporations in Cyprus.

The company reviews, revises and modifies issues, goals and actions regularly throughout each year, to ensure that the strategic direction of the DJK Group is aligned to the needs of its clients and community; given an ever-changing environment.

The diversity of our services range from leisure and entertainment, tourism and hospitality, shipping, construction, waterfronts, sports centres and project development. With client satisfaction and service excellence always in mind, we continue to cement very strong relationships with our clients and associates who benefit from being the most important part of our ever-growing business.

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About DJK Group

The DJK Corporation is one of Cyprus’ leading and most respected leisure, tourism, film & entertainment companies in Cyprus; also holding strong interests in diversified sectors ranging from shipping, hospitality, F&B services and construction & property development.

Established in 1970, the corporation was founded and has been since guided by the expertise and leadership of Mr Demes Karapatakis.

From its inception, the DJK Group of Companies has been a progressive family owned corporation poised to provide the direction and expertise necessary for its multi-faceted business operations and industry-leading initiatives. The corporation owns and operates all the multiplexes on the island of Cyprus and accommodates investment portfolios in other leisure entertainment operations. The DJK Group of Companies are the pioneers of film distribution in Cyprus which is adjunct to the cinema, and multiplex facilities that it owns and operates.