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Investors and progressive business minds cannot deny the fact that Cyprus today is one of the best places to invest. Cyprus has become an attractive option for many investors looking to invest in Europe. The Island of Cyprus known for its beauty and strategic location, at the hub of three continents, linking Europe with Middle East ,Africa and Asia is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and has developed into one of the worlds major financial business centers.

Cyprus is expected to benefit from constructive measures that will lead to more flexible, efficient and ultimately more competitive environment. In the challenging economic environment that Cyprus currently faces, new irresistible opportunities are rising to capitalise on the island’s unique advantages.

The discovery of significant natural gas reserves with the islands Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) promise to make Cyprus one of the key energy players within the European energy market with great prospects to develop as the energy hub of the Eastern European/ Mediterranean region.

Investors seeking strong, long term returns, regard investment in property in Cyprus as a mature market and a sound investment. Direct investment will now also allow investors and their families to acquire Cypriot Citizenship by Naturalization. The relevant law provides for six schemes through which an applicant may obtain their Cypriot citizenship and at the same time the EU citizenship.

DJK Group of companies are intensely proud of all we have achieved over the years and the standing we hold throughout the diversified industries we operate in. It is that pride, which is echoed throughout the company and its staff that ensures peace of mind and absolute satisfaction for our clients and patrons. This In turn has put us in an enviable position of being the catalysts of change in the Mediterranean region.

We are offering a wide portfolio of Investment opportunities, featuring extremely good prospects and offer diverse and a unique range of developments ranging from exclusive residential, commercial, beachfront investments, sports, Amusement, and upscale Golf resorts.


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  • The DJK Group maintains the highest ethical standards and acts with integrity and respect;
  • It holds strong business values and fully respects its customers, associates and community;
  • It is a well-established organisation, been in the industry for many years and prides itself on its proven company track record;
  • The company is based in the region and works with precision to get projects off the ground swiftly and efficiently;
  • The Group’s land locations are strategically located, based on insight and a vision for great possibilities.

Cyprus the Recovery Story