About Us

The DJK Corporation is one of Cyprus’ leading and most respected leisure, tourism, film & entertainment companies in Cyprus; also holding strong interests in diversified sectors ranging from shipping, hospitality, F&B services and construction & property development.

Established in 1970, the corporation was founded and has been since guided by the expertise and leadership of Mr Demes Karapatakis.

From its inception, the DJK Group of Companies has been a progressive family owned corporation poised to provide the direction and expertise necessary for its multi-faceted business operations and industry-leading initiatives. The corporation owns and operates all the multiplexes on the island of Cyprus and accommodates investment portfolios in other leisure entertainment operations. The DJK Group of Companies are the pioneers of film distribution in Cyprus which is adjunct to the cinema, and multiplex facilities that it owns and operates.

Over the years, the DJK Group has pursued a strategy for multi-faceted development and concentrated territorial coverage within the island of Cyprus. Knowledge of this local market has allowed the DJK Group to realise market trends and expectations, stimulating the ability to target and accommodate a broad customer base.

Today the corporation is a wealth management company with a well-balanced and diversified portfolio of quality assets and businesses.

Mr Karapatakis is a true entrepreneur, as a veteran with over 40 years of experience in shipping, leisure, hospitality, entertainment and development he holds extensive networks throughout the globe based on his many years of operation.

As a leader in the field the DJK Group of Companies continues to maintain its competitive edge in the marketplace, and most importantly sustainable growth. These milestones are achieved through combined strategic campaigns with innovation and professional experience to deliver an end result of nothing less than the highest order. Our successes are also based on our trust in the next generation and we stand by our reputation and the DJK Group’s brand.

Vision and Values

DJK Group’s Vision is to be a fully integrated service provider covering all aspects across the broad spectrum of leisure, entertainment, hospitality, tourism, shipping, construction and development.

DJK aims to fulfil this vision by:

  • Maintaining the highest ethical standards and act with integrity and respect;
  • Holding strong values in business and fully respect our customers, associates, people and community;
  • Providing our customers and stakeholders with superior returns, sustainable growth and stable income streams;
  • Satisfying our customers’ expectations through high levels of service excellence and superior quality in all our market products and services;
  • Communicating freely and honestly with all our customers and people;
  • Developing memorable landmarks and environs using world class technology and methodology;
  • Enhancing the lives of our customers through innovative development;
  • Having our citizenship recognised in the communities we operate in;
  • Being recognised as environmentally responsible;
  • Inspiring our people to be innovative and creative;
  • Aligning the interests of the company and its employees to provide employees with the opportunity of growth and development;
  • Initiating change in order to enhance our performance;
  • Achieving results through hard work at all levels;
  • Encouraging, delivering and acknowledging excellence in all aspects of our operation;